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Madison. 18. Attending GCSU In Milledgeville, Ga. I am currently discovering all facets of life and following the law of attraction. I am majoring in Mass Communications, Minoring in Philosophy. :)
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I fall deeper in love with Magdalena Wosinska’s photographs every time I find one of Deep Creek.


I need this
I’ve been discovering how important it really is to take the time to just breath and to just be. To be present in the moment. To take time to bring about awareness of what exactly I’m stressed about and then to be proactive and go ahead and get it done. Just to insure I stay in the present and never look in the past and leave the future to be paved with my present actions. To let the universe, god, and angels to take care of the things I want and have faith and believe that they will come about. I’ve also really been working on showing my love to all earthlings and species alike. Trying to keep my hateful thoughts in a trash can and only verbally communicating the positive. My life is only just starting and I will always continue to change! I’m excited to say that I will be starting the vegan diet shortly in the upcoming month of May and will start it off with a 5 day banana island! 
Have a great rest of your week! 

Iris Romantic Evening (y III) by José Luis Vega on Flickr.




ॐ☯❀Come Find Your Peaceॐ☯❀

My adorable niece was born yesterday at 1 pm. Look at her cute little smushed up face. Can’t wait to fly to North Carolina to meet the little darling in person. ❤️👼🌱

sunrise on the hills..

The Spiral Goddess

Columbia Bridge by Jackpicks on Flickr.